ENPACL Assistant

DEA (Digital Enpacl Assistant)

An assistant that can provide its employees with easy and intuitive access to Enpacl's knowledge base and services.
DEA, Digital Enpacl Assistant, was built using a suite of document management and analysis software products based on two key technologies: large language models (LLM) and artificial intelligence (AI).

DEA offers the following capabilities:

  • Natural language semantic search: contributors can use natural language to search for information about Enpacl, such as retirement procedures, paid contributions or upcoming events.
  • Summarization of documents: DEA can automatically generate concise and clear summaries of Enpacl documents such as regulations or circulars.
  • Conversational Interaction: employees can interact with DEA in a natural and intuitive way, asking questions and receiving accurate and relevant answers.
  • Integration with other systems: Integrated with Enpacl's document management system, DEA allows employees to directly access documents of interest to them.
  • Composition Aid Tool: DEA can provide a number of Tools that assist and facilitate a range of routine tasks, from writing e-mails to extracting information from large documents.

DEA thus demonstrates how artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies can be used to improve employees’ access to information and productivity.

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